everyone we wish you knew

Episode 5 - Lars Dahl Pedersen

We keep going and we keep evolving! everyone we wish you knew strives towards creating a solid and recognizable frame, but sometimes life knocks at the door… For this episode, only Georgia had the opportunity to meet up with Lars Dahl Pedersen, to have more of a conversation than an interview on his innovative work, with combining Dance and Philosophy. Two practices that tend to wave at each other while keeping a safe distance, find common ground and make sense in Lars’s physical and theoretical doing.

Episode 4 - Emma Arnoldi & Manon Siv Duquesnay

We ride on the success feeling we had from the previous episode and invite again not one but two female artists. Manon Siv Duquesnay and Emma Arnoldi are to be found in their dressing room after they danced to clubby beats, hold their breaths in a bathtub and shared one-night stand stories from female perspectives. All elements from their performance ‘Af vand’, as presented at XENON scene of Teaterhuset. We ask  into the creation of their collaborative project ‘Project V´ and touch upon subjects of representation, activism and curating as artists.

Episode 2 - Marlene Bonnesen

We find Marlene Bonnesen at Danseatelier on a Friday afternoon. We plus one other Danseatelier member, Snorre Jeppe Hansen, occupy the space and the traces of his practice are to be heard in the background. We settle down in the kitchen where Marlene makes sure we feel comfortable. During the next hour she shares with us her perspective on being part of Danseatelier, and how her role within this collective connects to her work as a freelance dancer and facilitator. Work, which is inspired by artists and books such as the catalane choreographer Ángels Margarit and Michel Foucault's 'Utopian Body'.

Episode 1 - Andreas Liebmann

In the beginning of January we visited Andreas Liebmann at his working place 'Public Space' in Tårnby. This is where he organised and realised Tårnby Torv Festival 2017 / 2018, which was the focus of our discussion. Before starting our conversation we collectively built our very own sound studio with the help of what we could grab and find in the space. An old matress, blanckets, used sofas and a vintage coffetable framed the conversation that gave us insights on Andreas's artistic motivation, collaborators and work methods.